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The concept behind the Messy Monster bib is to stimulate children visually through fun and colorful characters that are instantly recognizable by them.

With a simple straightforward design, and eye-popping colors, these monsters are a great way to teach shapes and colors to your children during mealtimes.

Each monster is provided with a simple backstory that kids can relate to, 'the messy one', 'the sleepy one', 'the little adventure' are found in a world that are surrounded by their own uniqueness…. their shape.

This 4 sided monster is the messiest of the bunch. Sid is usually found scarfing down sliced cheese and crackers Mmmmm. After meals Sid likes to park it right in front of the tv to watch his favorite shows. If he behaves like a good boy, his parents usually treat him with some sweets, CHOCOLATE BARS!!

This round little monster enjoys mealtime as much as the rest of them. His favorite meal is a pepperoni pizza and he loves chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Cedric loves to share his mealtime with his younger sis Trixy. After meals Cedric rolls around the house trying to find any coins that may be lying around.

Younger sister of Cedric, Trixy can usually be found right beside her big brother. Cedric usually shares his meals with sis, Sliced pizza for dinner and pie for dessert are her favorites. After her meals, Trixy is found napping on her blanky.

Twin sister of Sid, these two monsters are double trouble. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich's don't last long on her plate (with the crust cut off of course!) when she finishes her plate she can be found next to the brownie squares or in front of the TV with Sid.